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G.S A.I.P.E.R Nyandungu is a private mixed day and boarding school which started in 2000 by Muslim’s association for the promotion of education in Rwanda (A.I.P.E.R). The school is located 15 Km from Kigali central city along Kigali-Kayonza road. From 2000 up to now student population has grown from 46 to over 1050. The age range is from 13 to 20 and most of them are Rwandans, but also there are some from neighboring countries like Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania.

The school offers a strict but humanely administered disciplinary regime and any necessary disciplinary measures are balanced with counseling sessions for the students concerned.  We follow local curriculum issued by Workforce Department Authority (WDA). Currently, we offer students different options in Accountancy, Computer science, Construction, Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications, Hotel Operations and Tourism. Sport and games at our school are taken seriously because we aim to produce students who are not only knowledgeable, but also physically fit.


Knowing that the future of our nation lies in the hands of young generation, it is why we put a lot of energy in educating and giving discipline the young generation. We welcome all parents and students who wish to join us, we promise to give the best training. The education is our job!


G.S. AIPER Nyandungu

P.O. Box 1515 Kigali - Rwanda

Telephone: 0782541584

Skype: aipern

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